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A webcam model, also known as a cam model or cam girl/guy, is a performer who provides live video and chat services to viewers through a webcam and internet connection. Webcam modeling is a type of adult entertainment that is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the era of remote work and social distancing.

Webcam models typically perform solo in front of a webcam, and may engage in a variety of sexual or non-sexual activities to entertain their audience. Some webcam models perform explicit sexual acts on camera, while others may focus on non-nude activities such as dancing or conversation.

Webcam models may work independently, or they may work for camming platforms that provide a platform and a customer base for their services. Compensation for webcam modeling varies, and may be based on factors such as the amount of time worked, the number of viewers, and the nature of the activities performed.

It's important to note that webcam modeling is a legal occupation, but it is subject to regulation and scrutiny by government and industry bodies. As with any form of sex work, there are potential risks and challenges associated with webcam modeling, including the need to maintain personal privacy and safety, and the potential for exploitation and harassment.

Those considering working as a webcam model should carefully research the industry and its potential risks and rewards, as well as seek out support and resources from industry organizations, legal and medical professionals, and other sources.

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